What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of organically increasing your websites presence within a search engine. Which here in Australia, is Google 99% of the time!

Struggling to rank your website higher on Google?

Many companies and Google themselves will have you believe that ranking your website is down to some sort of special formular… When in reality it is all about common-sense. For a particular search term, or keyword, Google will put the most relevant website for that search term at the No. 1 position on Google – Simple. 

You're not alone.

We've helped many of our clients rank higher on Google and generate more $$ doing so!

How do we do it? By using common sense and understanding your business, your customers and your competitors. 

  • What keywords do your customers search for when looking for your product or service? And on what devices?
  • Who is rank number one for these keywords? 
  • What information do customers need before making a purchase?


Don't take our word for it, take theirs..


Liam L.
Liam L.
Creative Director @ Tusk Media
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We’re really glad we engaged HUFFdigital and Alex to help out our digital marketing. We’ve had loads of other digital marketing agencies reach out and we found Alex’s approach was unique, straight to the point and had great insight in where we could improve. That’s why we went with him. Stoked we have as he’s always available, a keen listener to our needs and what our pain points are, and he goes out of his way to find solutions. We’ve really felt the impact of what he’s done for us so far and we’re looking forward to continuing growing with his and huffdigital’s help.
Founder @ Your Beauty Boudoir
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Alex has been instrumental in helping me build up and scale my Mobile Hair Salon. I went with him because I felt that he was genuine and I am glad I trusted that instinct. His level of communication and attentiveness to what is needed for my business is wonderful. He obviously has a heap of knowledge and experience, but more importantly truly cares about my success. He goes above and beyond to understand the needs of my business and always takes the time to comprehensively explain what the next steps are, how and, why. I have complete understanding and trust in his processes and most importantly I can see the results. I recommend his services to anyone who is looking to take the next step in digitally scaling their business.

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